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Krav Maga Boise

Krav Maga Boise is dedicated to serving the public and teaching proven and effective self defense to anyone who is willing to learn. We strive to bring the most realistic training possible and make it available to everyone. Real defense for the real world.

You’re invited and welcome to learn more about our mission, our self defense system and the many ways you can learn how to protect yourself and the ones you love. Explore our site and feel free to contact us with any questions. We have an open door policy.

Krav Maga Boise was created to redefine the way that Krav Maga is taught. We instruct the individual and not the crowd. It’s not about ego, competition or tradition. Rather, it’s about being strong from the inside, learning from each other, knowing where Krav Maga came from, and where it is headed. Krav Maga is the ultimate self defense system. Be your defense.

Krav Maga Boise practices and teaches a defensive tactics system practiced by a rapidly growing number of military, para-military, civilian men, women, and children. It is based on the body’s natural reflexes and can be enjoyed by anyone. Krav Maga is a practical realistic system that teaches you how to avoid, prevent, deter or deal with all types of violent confrontations having been developed under realistic conditions in Israel by its founder Imi (Sde-or) Lichenfeld).

Interested in Krav Maga? Check out our schedule and review our memberships packages. You can also learn more about our Owner, August Ritter, and our instructors.  Thanks for stopping by. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


The most advanced Krav Maga taught by our 3rd generation instructor, who trains with actual Isreali Special OPS instructors.


Krav Maga classes designed specifically for women taught by expert krav maga instructors.


My name is Hank and I have practiced Krav Maga off and on for the last few years.  I have attended three different studios and by far, Krav Maga experts in Boise was the best. I worked Security in a hospital, and frequently encountered many physical altercations.  Without August's training, I would not have been able to safely handle those situations which ranged from a grumpy grandma who forgot where she was, to the fit male who decided to take PCP for the first time.  August's classes cover a wide range of defense techniques including groundwork, striking and weapon disarmament. The majority of violent altercations ended up on the ground. The ground is a dangerous place to find yourself.  On my last day of work at the hospital, a confused and depressed patient attempted to stab himself with a pen. When I went to grab it, he tried to stab me instead. I used a knife disarm technique and quickly took the pen away.  Without the proper training, I would not have been able to safely handle the situation without injury to myself or the patient. Even though it was just a pen, anything can be used as a weapon when in the hands of a trained or determined individual.  I highly advocate for, and recommend every first responder take Krav Maga with KME, because this is an uncertain world we live in.
As a young adult, life throws many challenges at you. It all seems to hit all at once, doesn’t it?  A breakup, a death (or 3 in my case), an injury that causes your mom months of immobility, an illness, the stress of finishing high school, a puppy you must deal with and a breakup that threatens to end his life.  The list goes on and on, but through all of it I had a place, a place I could always escape to. A place where I could work through what was going on in my life, without saying a word. That place was Krav Maga Experts.  I originally came here because of my mom.  She wanted me to start Krav Maga with the basketball season ending in a few months. She knew I needed an activity to keep me both in physical condition and mentally healthy. I went without any expectations, just that I would get to hit a few bags and process through some of my anger. Something about me you need to know before I continue this story, I’ve always been a bit of a little rage monster. Growing up mainly hanging out with boys will make a tomboy like myself stop crying (seen as a weakness around young boys) and start hitting, biting, scratching, etc.  Going through middle school and high school basketball, I couldn’t always keep that anger in check, when most girls would cry, I would get angry and shove my tears down (which I must say is not a healthy thing). Punching and being aggressive was the only way I knew how to deal with any kind of emotion.  Moving on to last January, when August started working with me in my teen class.  He showed me how to use my aggressiveness with power, but with control. He taught me without using a single word, that I could still be strong while using self-control and showing emotion. I’m human and having a lot of emotion is not a bad thing. His lessons on how to punch properly and his help with using my strength without hurting people, began to transfer over into my life outside of Krav Maga Experts. My senior year of basketball I never fouled out of a game (first time since about the 6th grade).  I was able to help others on my team keep their cool. At home and with friends, I was able to process what was going on in my life without blowing a fuse in someone's face. Does it still happen? Of course, but it’s much rarer than it used to be.  August moved me to the co-ed adult class after about 4 months.  He continued to show me how to grow power in my punches, but still use self-control. As the weeks went by, my fears grew when we began practicing a defense involving a man attacking me while laying down. I was able to work through it slowly and get past my traumatic experience, while at the same time, I was able to increase my knowledge to prevent anything like that to happen again.  August has always pushed me to increase my skills and knowledge.  Because of that, I was able to pass my Practitioner Level One Test, just 8 months after joining Krav Maga Experts.  In summary of my all-over-the-place story; Joining Krav Maga Experts has helped me learn the power of self-control.  It’s given me the knowledge I’ve gained in fighting, so that if one day I get attacked, I can protect myself, my family and my friends. I used to be a girl looking for a fight, just to fight, but now I hope I will never have to use the skills I’ve obtained here. And that changed mindset has affected many aspects of my life in a positive way. I can process through trauma from my past while learning skills and being a part of a wonderful community.
Dr. Satyavani Gayatri
The year 2020 was a pivotal year marking a lot of “firsts” that I would have never anticipated. I fell ill to double pneumonia and almost died, had increased amounts of stress that resulted in wide-spread inflammation throughout my entire body and, as if that weren’t enough, I had an unfortunate stalking experience that gave me real pause about my overall strength, safety, and well-being. I was questioning a lot and in a state of deep self-inquiry.  Shortly after these incidences ran their course, I happened to be on a phone call with a group of very close friends that were collectively focusing on health and the subject of self-defense came up. Upon finishing the call, within seconds, I started a web search for programs that could teach me a skill set that would be both practical and empowering in nature and specifically for women. Krav Maga Experts Boise popped to the top of the search list. I picked up the phone and immediately inquired about the women’s self defense program advertised on their website. At that time the program was on hiatus so instead I signed up for a private session with August Ritter, the chief owner and instructor and literally legitimate ninja. My first session was incredible. August was kind, welcoming, and incredibly knowledgeable. His track record extends back 30 years in a variety of martial disciplines. I learned foundational principles that resulted in increased confidence and next-day application. I was hooked. I contacted Melanie Ritter, chief operating officer, the following day and registered for on-going private lessons. Lessons I continue to this day. After 3 months of weekly private sessions August suggested that I try a public class. I must admit I was hesitant, but I knew that he would not have recommended it if he didn’t think I was ready. The following week I came to my first class, and it was me and a room full of men. What had I done? What I had done was make one of the best decisions of my life and I’m not kidding. Everything changed for me that day. I mean EVERYTHING. I was in rough shape when I walked through those doors. I needed to get re-focused and back into a state of exceptional health that was better than anything I had ever known. I was determined and I needed help. August and Krav Maga Experts Boise made that happen for me. Shortly after starting public classes I began personal training with August and between the two the results were nothing short of astounding. I could not even begin to explain the transformation physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Transformations on a level so high it’s mind-blowing.  All because I train with the best.  Since I started two years ago, I have lost 20 pounds and 6% body fat. The muscle gain is upwards of 6 pounds and my metabolism is off the charts. Things you do not see as a woman in her late 40s. The skills I have gained have allowed me to pass the level 1 practitioner exam and prepare me to take the level 2 exam by the end of the year. These skills have become part of my everyday life keeping my mind sharp, instincts honed and focus unwavering. Krav Maga Experts Boise is not just a place to learn the most effective self-defense skills on the planet by the best instructors in the entire state, if not the country, but also to learn how to apply these skills in your everyday life.  Since my first day in 2020 I have also been able to be part of the re-birth of the women’s self-defense program and that has been nothing short of amazing. The women in the program come from all areas of life with a variety of experiences that make it fun and empowering. They are women just like me and you. This program is a game changer. Two years in, and at the awesome age of 48 years old, I can say that I have a new lease on life and a tremendous respect for what this school has done for me and what it offers the world. This is the gem of Boise.  If you are even thinking about trying Krav Maga do not hesitate. Jump in. You will not regret it. Ask me, I know.
Jackson Williams
The thing that made me want to do Krav Maga, was action movies, anime and tv shows I’ve grown up with. I saw the fight scenes and I thought to myself, “I wanna do this!”  My Grandpa looked for the best reviewed KME school in Idaho, and took me to Krav Maga Experts Boise.  I’ve been training with my amazing teacher, August for a few years. Something that KME has really helped with, is knowing how to have a better mentality, knowing how to defend myself, to be the best version of myself, while having fun at the same time.  I was really depressed, didn’t have good eating habits and didn’t have a lot of friends.  KME took me out of that state of mind and taught me self-discipline. How to become stronger mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Throughout the years that I’ve been practicing Krav Maga at KME, I have learned so much.   I’ve made so many friends that make me feel welcomed, accepted and loved. KME feels like my second family. I’m so happy and blessed that I found KME. I love the people I train with.
I have been going to Krav Maga Experts Boise since October of 2021. I signed my kids up in September of 2021. I joined Krav Maga Experts to help get into better shape and get active. I was extremely out of shape and overweight. Before I joined KME I was a year into my weight loss journey and went from 400lbs to about 310lbs.  I started going once a week from October until January then I started going multiple times a week. I did a New Years challenge through KME and that pushed me to my physical limits. That 6 weeks was brutal, but I ended being in the best shape of my life.  One thing I enjoy going to KME here in Boise is the welcoming community. When I started my weight loss journey, I was very uncomfortable working out. I was the biggest guy around and was ashamed of my size. Going into KME I never felt that judgment, I was encouraged to go at my own pace, I was encouraged to take a break then hop back in. Even training with people who are clearly way more advanced than me.  The reason I joined KME was to get back into shape and help with my weight loss journey. The reasons I stay is the community, excellent training and getting back into shape. The welcoming environment for a Novus like myself to slowly work my way up. I am not close to where I want to be in my journey, and I am working hard at it. I know I can achieve it better with the help here at KME and the community we have.
Jon, a.k.a. “Mouth”
It was hot, probably late September parked outside Burger King with my family. The weather was changing, and it wasn’t cold, per se, but it was definitely brisk. However, it wasn’t brisk enough to keep wasps from going into winter slumber. On this particular evening, a gargantuan wasp was inside my car buzzing around my three-year-old daughters head. My three year old was frantically swatting at it, which is exactly what you’re not supposed to do. My son is screaming, “Kill it! Daddy kill it!”  So being the dad that I am, I grabbed my lunchbox, which isn’t solid, it’s one of those mesh zip-up lunchboxes. Now, I’m stretched across my sons lap in the backseat and across my daughter, and I have this wasp pressed against the window with my lunchbox. If you’re wondering why I didn’t just go around and open my daughter’s car door, you’re not alone. To this day I don’t know why I chose the ‘dive across the goal line with the lunchbox approach’.  I went to public school, it’s not my fault. Anyway, it’s still buzzing and it’s not dead. My daughter is screaming, and my son is still cheering me on. I finally managed to kill said wasp, the last buzzing dies down, it slips into the abyss, or wherever wasps go when they die (it’s got to be hell, what a horrible insect).  I start hearing this voice yelling “Hey! Hey!” I realize that perhaps I’m being yelled at. Which in the Pacific Northwest isn’t a common occurrence, since most people are typically very friendly. A little too friendly at times, I’d say. “Hey!” There’s the voice again. I AM being yelled at. I pop out of my car, and a few parking spaces down is this middle aged guy in his pickup, his wife looking away and down, like she wants to be a million miles away. “Hey leave them alone!” he yells. “It’s fine I killed a wasp that’s all.” I say. But this guy can’t help himself. “Leave them alone!” “Hey yourself!  Mind your own business!” My adrenaline is going, "bro mode activated". While this dialogue is happening, a few things cross my mind:
  • This dude is agitated, and thinks he’s being a hero.
  • This dude also seems a bit drunk.
  • Do I still know Taekwondo?
I did Taekwondo for 10 years, and was a 2nd degree black belt. Haven’t thrown a kick for decades. I’m 43. The last fight I was in was at 21. After 22 years, is my comeback fight really happening in a Burger King parking lot? Gotta get a better promoter. “You don’t tell me to mind my own business.” Ah shit, this guy is going to get out of his pickup, isn’t he? But like a dumbass, I’m not in control at this point. “Seriously man, mind your own business.” I’m actually mad at this point, this guy has no idea what the context of the situation is. I start mean mugging this guy, and stare holes right through him, praying he doesn’t call my bluff.  He decides it isn’t worth it, he and his wife drive away. Guess all those improv and acting classes paid off? At first, this scenario was highly amusing to me. My wife was in her own car, completely oblivious to the entire event. Later, it sunk in what had actually occurred. I was put in a situation that I couldn’t control.  One that I helped put myself in.  Then, all the what-if’s came flooding in:
  • What if the fight occurred? What would’ve happened?
  • He could’ve pulled out a gun and just shot me right in front of my kids.
  • If I’m shot or incapacitated, does he abduct my kids while I’m on the ground or dead?
  • What if he had decided to not yell at me, and instead assault me out of nowhere?
I have the gift of the gab, I'm sharp with wit and word, but it did nothing for me in that instance. Adrenaline and a bit of  fear had gotten the best of me.  I realized that I was lucky it didn’t evolve into something much worse than what occurred. I had been mulling over getting back into martial arts, and was considering Kung Fu or something, but hadn’t acted on it. Over the next several months, I started researching different martial arts. BJJ, Karate, Kung Fu, Etc. Somewhere in the rabbit hole of YouTube, I stumbled across Krav Maga. Many, many videos later I was convinced that Krav Maga was closest to what I wanted. No kattas, no breaking boards. Just straight up self-defense. It also looked a bit scary. These people have pads on, they’re hitting each other. It looks physically demanding. I start researching Krav in my city. Krav Maga Experts looks the scariest, there’s no belts or flashy website. I read the background, and read August’s background.  Being a big fan of doing things that scare me (this is where you grow the most), I call and get scheduled. My first day is during street week. After that one class, outside, in forest fire smoke, working on stomp kicks and stick choke escapes, I was freaking HOOKED. This was what I was looking for. Flash forward over 2 years later, I’m still training and loving it. I’m in way better shape doing Krav Maga than I ever was being a runner, and arguably the best shape of my life.  I train in Krav Maga because I don’t ever want to feel the lack of control I felt in a Burger King parking lot. I train to continue to gain confidence in the face of uncertainty, so I can make the best decisions to avoid bad situations. I train to stay in excellent shape. And God forbid, I train in Krav Maga to be able to safely get out of a bad situation I can’t avoid. And also, it’s just f*cking FUN. It’s a blast, it kicks your ass, and you learn things. I have made awesome friends and comrades in badassery. "Join the Club"
Someone once physically assaulted me. I promised myself I'd never let that happen again without a fight. Krav helps me keep that promise.
My life was threatened when I was four years old, in a public place. Since then, I have felt vulnerable as soon as I leave the house. Fear has made a lot of decisions for me throughout the years since then.  I am in my 30s now and when I moved to Idaho, I saw that there was a Krav Maga place close by; yet fear still won out. It took years for me to decide to start Krav Maga. I was afraid I would get hurt in class, something would trigger me, or I would cry in front of everyone.  I finally decided my life was more important than my fears, and I wasn’t living enough. My first class was a little unsettling. It was the women’s only class, and everyone was partnered up. One person was lying on the ground, while the other person was on top fake choking them. My fears had to take a backseat quickly though, because of how supportive and kind everyone was.  After only a few classes, I noticed a difference in myself. I walked more confidently in stores, and I could people watch without feeling self-conscious or anxious. There have been times I have been triggered. The first time being hit through a tombstone pad took some getting used to. Some positions used in class literally made me feel sick to my stomach, while others left me with my hands shaking. When this happened, I would tell myself I’m in a safe place and give myself a moment, before jumping back in again. Sometimes I would feel downright powerful in the class, with all the other women screaming encouragement my way. In reality; I was the weakest one there physically, but attitude can go a long way. This class has helped me feel safer in the world. I might still freeze up in a dangerous situation. I don’t know, but I know some ways now to protect myself. Knowledge truly is power. The other day, I walked into a restaurant full of people, and sat down to eat at a table. I was by myself, but I didn’t feel vulnerable, because I knew that I was powerful.
Eric Olsen
My teen daughter has been going to Krav for almost two years. She says it’s the only exercise she enjoys and it makes her feel much safer. She loves it! Highly recommended.
Dustin Morris
I’m absolutely loving this school, system, and teacher. I’ve trained in Martial Arts for a while and have been lucky to be educated by amazing instructors. August is no exception, with his lifelong practice. He precisely answers every question from every student (I ask a lot). The classes are simultaneously intense and a lot of fun. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everyone at this school that I’ve trained with. Plus, I’ve already seen and felt changes (in just one month) since beginning here. Again, I can’t recommend KME enough.
Edina Braun
Been wanting to take up self defense for a while now and I’m so happy I found this place! I love the energy in here, it’s clean, there’s room to move around and the trainers are great! Krav Fit is also a great class and addition to Krav training.
Natalie Nesbitt
If you are interested in self defense this is the place to be! August is great at what he does, and if you are willing to do the work you will see fantastic improvement. I am a smaller female and have been training in various fighting styles since I was young. I have never found such and amazing instructor that understands how to teach women. He always ensures everyone is comfortable with the training we are doing, and makes it so self is accessible to everyone! Thank you KME!
Satyavani Rising
Krav Maga Experts Boise has changed my life. Yes, I am serious. In the past year I have dropped 24 pounds, 4% body fat and passed the Level 1 Practitioner test after 14 months. August, the lead instructor, is the best of the best. Hands down. No questions. He has the skills, knowledge and expertise. The staff are amazing and the other senior students are the real deal. This place has become my family. If you want to learn skills for life, become a warrior and have a great time learning about who you are. This is the place to be. As a women, I have pushed for women warrior development my whole life. Krav Maga Experts Boise has made that happen for me and many of my students. It is a female friendly environment while also pushing you to step into your power. I could not recommend this school more. Get here. Train here. Transform here.

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