August Ritter – Chief Instructor

August began his training at the age of 12, and is a highly skilled and accomplished Martial artist. His background includes several forms of Martial Arts, such as, Wing Tsun, Jeet Kune Do, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Eskrima, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, etc.

In addition to martial arts, August has a background in security work, including executive protection, running security for some of the largest clubs and establishments on the west coast. In 2004 he was certified as a Defensive Tactics Instructor under Dave Flower, and taught members of public safety to include security professionals, corporations, hospital staff, executive protection agencies, law enforcement, military and FBI. He is a master trainer with Personal Safety training Inc, certifying instructors in public safety, defensive tactics, handcuffing, baton, OC spray, de-escalation tactics, active shooter, and violent workplace.

In 2007 he discovered Israeli Defensive tactics, aka, Krav Maga. Shortly after August became a certified instructor with Krav Maga Worldwide and began instructing under Master Cheung at DOJO 3 in WA.

August began his search for the most authentic and “up to date” Krav Maga system available in the USA. He learned about Gabi Noah and Tsahi Shemesh with International Krav Maga. Being 2nd Generation under the creator of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfield, August began training under this establishment.

In 2013 August became certified with international Krav Maga, and now teaches under Tsahi Shemesh with Krav Maga Experts in NYC.

August is also a certified Firearms instructor under the USCCA, as well as a Personal Trainer.

August is dedicated to the needs of his students, and determined to help people become their absolute best, and walk out 1 inch taller after every lesson. 

Learn Self Defense one on one with the Experts!

Nann – Krav maga Instructor

Nann began her journey with Krav Maga Experts in 2017. She excelled in the training, and serves as a mentor to others. She trained several years and countless hours to be accepted into the instructor course in New York. After 10 intense days of physical and mental endurance, Nann obtained her instructor certification under Tsahi Shemesh.
Nann specializes in Private Lessons, Women’s self defense, Teen and Fit Classes. Nann has an extensive background in weight lifting, and holds an Instructors certification with STRONGNATION (High intensity interval training classes).
Community has always been at the forefront of her mind, whether it is volunteering with the Women & Childrens Alliance, demonstrating self-defense tactics at local events, or general outreach. Her goal is to help people overcome trauma and gain confidence in themselves while learning practical self-defense skills. She finds the core principles of Krav Maga should be available to everyone, “so one may walk in peace”.

Learn Self Defense one on one with the Experts!

Guarionex “G” – Tactical Firearms Instructor

G (short for Guarionex) is a certified firearms instructor. He carries an impressive array of certifications and expertise and is committed to empowering others through education and training. G began training with Krav Maga Experts in 2016, and is a great mentor to all who come into contact with him. G has dedicated significant time to honing his self-defense skills which also includes 10+ years as a Submission Grappling/MMA practitioner. 
As a USCCA Certified Firearm Instructor, G possesses the knowledge and skills to teach responsible firearm usage and safety. His 13+ years of hands-on firearms training allows him to instill confidence and competence in his students. In addition G has a background in Archery, with over 15 years as a National Target Archer. His precision and accuracy with a bow led him to become an Archery Instructor, which includes a Lead Instructor at BSA camps in New England as well as Director at Indian Acres International Camp in Maine.
G is more than a student, he is a teacher and an example for all. His extensive understanding of personal protection and safety are the foundation of what he stands for.
Certifications include:
Practitioner level 4 KME Boise
USCCA Certified Firearm Instructor
Archery Instructor / Director
CPR and AED Certified

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